Photo: Bill James (right). J.T.Thorup and Jamie & Bill James.

The James Family Scholarship Fund:

The James Family Scholarship Fund: This scholarship fund is in memory of Jaime James, a pediatric nurse who loved children and volunteering at Humble Ranch. Jaime was diagnosed with a brain tumor and eventually became a client at HRETC before she passed away in 2005. Jaime’s Dad Bill, a former Olympic Equestrian, also volunteered at HRETC. In 2008 when Bill died, Gloria changed the scholarship fund name to include him as well as Jaimeʼs husband, J.T. Thorup, who died in 2011.

In 2014 STARS took over the equine therapy program from HRETC and Gloria graciously moved the fund over to STARS. Donations can be made to STARS and directed to the James Family Youth Scholarship fund. The scholarship fund is set up to assist youth under 21 that reside in Routt County for any of STARS summer programs. Applicants wishing to apply for a scholarship can fill out a scholarship application on the STARS website.

Lisa EvansJames Family Scholarship Fund