Lisa Evans

Lisa is originally from Michigan, and moved out west in 2009. She has a degree in Photography and Outdoor Education. She has worked in the field at summer camps, as well as respite care and in-home care for clients in Michigan.  Lisa had the opportunity to join STARS in August 2016 and is grateful she did. She is currently our Client and Donor Representative. Lisa handles a variety of administrative work in the office, and is support to the others in the office as needed.

Why I love STARS…
Beginning in college, I started working with individuals with disabilities at a summer camp. This experience allowed me to open myself up to new experiences. The people I met showed me joy, love, trust, and a different appreciation of life.  They changed my life completely. I love being at STARS and with people whose lives daily inspire me to live a better life; to become a better me.

Other Stuff about Lisa…

  • Loves being outside in her yard gardening and hopes to one day have a permaculture farm
  • Lives in the valley with her husband Rick
  • Enjoys hiking, yoga, water sports, and general outdoor fun
  • Has lived in five different states and a variety of towns, but finds the Yampa Valley to be her favorite place in the country
Lisa EvansLisa Evans