In 2002, Andrea moved to Colorado for school and never left except for short stints to guide or travel in far flung places! After earning a degree in Natural Resource Recreation & Tourism, she spent several years as a rafting, hiking and ocean kayaking guide around Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California. During that time, she honed her passion for getting folks in the outdoors working for organizations such as Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides, Natural Habitat Adventures, and Mountain Travel Sobek. As her experience grew, she developed a talent for organizing operations and logistics for wilderness adventures where she continues to develop her skills today. At STARS Andrea spends her time developing and organizing the logistics for winter and summer camps and for our custom groups looking to have an amazing experience in Steamboat!

Why I love STARS….

I have always loved bringing people into the outdoors and helping them enjoy activities that they might not be able to enjoy on their own. STARS takes that passion to a new level helping to create independence and enjoyment through outdoor recreation!

Other Stuff about Andrea….

  • Loves being outside and is an avid rafter, hiker, mountain and road biker, equestrian, and rock climber.
  • Greatly enjoys traveling and has visited 14 countries in 4 continents.
  • Is a dedicated car camper and enjoys visiting the desert at least once a year to hike and mountain bike.