STARS strives to keep our programs affordable, but recognizes that some may need additional support to access our programs.  Our scholarships are based solely on financial need and only complete applications will be considered.

To be considered for a scholarship, your application must be completed and submitted to STARS by May 15th or December 1st (depending on the season). Please use the resources below to submit your paperwork electronically. The “Scholarship Process” document is a great resource to ensure this is an easy process.

You will be informed of your application status after the scholarship deadline, which are May 15th or December 1st (depending on the season). Please note, most scholarships are partial scholarships while full scholarships are reserved for those with significant needs. In addition, all scholarships require a $25 processing fee. For questions, please call the office at 970.870.1950 or email us at [email protected]

Scholarship Policies:

  1. Each participant, or the participant’s parent or guardian, is responsible for communicating, in a timely manner, with STARS in the event they cannot participate in a scheduled lesson or program for any reason.
  2. If the participant is a No Call / No Show for two (2) scheduled lessons or programs, their Scholarship may be revoked, and any future scheduled lessons or programs may be cancelled.
  3. Our scholarships are funded by local donors, James Family Scholarship Fund, and Iron Horse Family Foundation who all love to hear about individuals in our community who are able to participate with STARS as a result of our Scholarship Program.  Please have your scholarship recipient, or their parent or guardian, write a short thank you letter expressing how this opportunity has affected their lives and their involvement in our community of Steamboat Springs.
  4. Scholarship requests during peak seasons will not be considered.
  5. If any of the items listed above are not completed or followed, you may no longer be eligible for a scholarship.


STARS Scholarship funds are made possible by the generous contributions from the James Family Scholarship Fund, Iron Horse Family Foundation, and private donors. With their support, STARS is able to help individuals with disabilities and their families see all the possibilities that are open to them through adaptive recreational activities.