Bailey moved to Colorado in the winter of 2016 from Alabama.  She resided in Winter Park until she made Steamboat Springs her permanent home in the summer of 2017. Before moving west, Bailey earned a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Social Work with a concentration in children, adolescents and their families. She gained amazing experience through her internships at The Bridge, Incorporation and Brewer Porch Children’s Center, as well as her time in the field at various summer camps and afterschool programs in Alabama and Colorado. Bailey’s position with STARS involves handling a variety of administrative work in the office, and she enjoys being support to others in the office as needed.

Why I love STARS….

My mother taught me at an early age to believe with all my heart that everyone deserves to experience what this life has to offer; whether it be adventure, new friendships, small and big personal triumphs or all the above and more. Nothing should stand in any one’s way of these experiences which make for a beautiful quality of life, and the mission of STARS is to provide exactly that to individuals of all abilities. For this reason, I have loved and will always love STARS! Nothing excites me more than to be a part of an organization that shares my passion!

Other Stuff about Bailey…

  • Has the most loving family and friends anyone could ask for
  • Thoroughly enjoys being outside hiking, camping, biking, trying to dominate in Summer B League Volleyball, etc. and believes immersing in nature is very therapeutic
  • Has been on multiple road trips throughout the US because she has a severe case of wanderlust and loves the experience of traveling
  • Believes “happy dances” are good for the soul and should be practiced daily, and shares this lifestyle with her soulmate and best friend, Brett Baker