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Julie Taulman is the Executive Director of STARS and has been with the organization since its inception. Julie is responsible for ensuring that STARS continues to have the qualified staff, volunteers, and funds to help us meet our mission of empowering and enriching lives through adaptive recreational sports. Julie is a former daily newspaper publisher and marketing director in her former life.

Why I Love STARS…

I love working at STARS because I love the opportunity to help others feel the power of adaptive sports and how it can heal not just the client but the entire family. I am living proof of that. I experienced the healing power of adaptive sports one year to the day when my son became a paraplegic due to cancer. We honored that day by having him learn to ski in a bi-ski when he was 3 at Steamboat. The moment I watched him making turns with his outriggers and me skiing behind him, I knew that we would make it and that there were now opportunities to be able to find new activities that we could still participate together as a family.

Other Stuff about Julie…

  • I love to cook, entertain, travel, hike, and spend time with my family.