Kyle is a new resident of Steamboat Springs, having only been here since September 2022. Originally from New Jersey, he left immediately after graduating from High School to explore the country and the world in pursuit of knowledge and hands-on experience! Along the way, Kyle acquired an BA in Communication Studies and an MA in Experiential Education which has suited him well in his 20 plus years of experience in youth development and as a Camp Professional in all of the different roles you can expect to do at Camp.

Kyle is extremely excited to bring his unique perspective as a person with disabilities who straddles both the abled and differently-abled worlds to STARS as we all work together to ensure that ALL activities and philosophies are truly inclusive, without barriers and accessible for all.

More About Kyle:

  • He has a wicked sense of humor, honed on the East Coast.
  • Actively looks for Trivia Nights wherever he is just to play!
  • Has done 50+ cross-country road/overlanding trips of more than 2,000 miles exploring the interior of the United States
  • He loves having deep and intense philosophical discussions with anyone who wants to and is willing to go down that rabbit hole of critical thinking and introspection.
  • He loves volunteering out in the community and trying new things that have a meaningful impact and the potential for change.
  • He is a tireless advocate and ally for both differently-abled and abled communities towards the actualization of full justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion for all.