Lisa is originally from Michigan, and moved out west in 2009. She has a degree in Photography and Outdoor Education. She has worked in the field at summer camps, as well as respite care and in-home care for clients in Michigan.

Lisa had the opportunity to join STARS in August 2016 and is grateful she did. She is currently our Director of Operations. Lisa handles a variety of administrative work and is responsible for ensuring the process and procedures of STARS runs efficiently, as well as handle anything related to our Ranch facility.

Why I love STARS…
Beginning in college, I started working with individuals with disabilities at a summer camp. This experience allowed me to open myself up to new experiences. The people I met showed me joy, love, trust, and a different appreciation of life.  They changed my life completely.

At STARS I have the opportunity to continue to help shape and change lives. By building trust and educating families and participants, I have the opportunity to open their eyes to the possibilities. Sometimes people can put an individual with a disability in a box, but I get to break that box. Many times, their recreational experiences can forever change their perspective of what is possible.

I see STARS as a community of individuals helping each other through life. It is joy to be a part of and there is always something to learn from our participants. Our participants have a perspective on life that, many times, can even stretch my idea of what is possible. The environment is fulfilling and rewarding and I am so grateful to be here. Being at STARS inspires me daily to be a better me.

Other Stuff about Lisa…

  • Loves being outside in her yard gardening
  • Enjoys hiking, yoga, water sports, and general outdoor fun
  • Has lived in five different states and a variety of towns, but finds the Yampa Valley to be her favorite place in the country