Noah Elliott is coming back to Steamboat where his snowboarding career began. After battling osteosarcoma and having his leg amputated at age 16, Noah took a trip to Steamboat through a youth cancer group where he learned how to snowboard with STARS. Noah participated in two camps with STARS and while here caught the eye of local Olympian Erin Nemec who encouraged Noah to complete. As a Program Coordinator, Elliott is responsible for providing direct instruction for STARS participants as well as being an ambassador which will help to identify groups and people with disabilities to come to STARS and Steamboat.

In April 2017 national team coaches encouraged Noah to start the 2017-18 season in New Zealand and compete as much as he could moving forward. He made his international debut then continued to compete in snowboard cross and banked slalom in as many world cup events as he could, continuing to raise money to support his travel the whole time. Along the way he earned enough podium finishes that he qualified for the Paralympics and was officially named to the U.S. Paralympic Team in February. In his first Paralympic debut, Noah won a gold medal in Banked Slalom and bronze in Snowboard Cross at the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in PyeongChang.