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ACCESSIBILITY: Currently there is not a fully accessible facility in Steamboat able to accommodate full overnight camps in one location at a price we can afford. Currently clients are spread out during camps in condos and hotels around the area through donations or because of accessibility. Part of the healing process is building connections with others in a group environment. STARS ranch will have many new group areas and activities to provide clients a place to heal, rejuvenate, reconnect, and to challenge them to achieve their personal best.

SPACE LIMITATIONS: Currently the number of camps STARS can offer is limited due to the availability of donated hotel rooms or condos. By owning our own fully accessible facility, we can offer additional camps throughout the year including holiday weeks. This location will provide a safe, friendly, therapeutic environment for our clients and their families to heal.

NEW PROGRAMS: The ranch allows for us to add new programs and to grow current existing ones. The ranch gives us a permanent home for our therapy riding program with more flexibility for local and group programs. We also can add programs such as the archery center and ropes course, which will bring more recreational opportunities for our clients and our community.