Welcome to the STARS Recreation Nation team! We are so excited to be offering these online, adaptive videos for our participants and their families to use. To find the April and May video schedule, click the link below. See you every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30AM!

April Schedule
May Schedule

Tuesday March 31st
Introduction to Recreation Nation

Thursday April 2nd
Nama-stay Inside

Activity: Stretching and Yoga Activities

You will need:
–  A yoga mat or towel
–  Open floor space

Tuesday April 7th
Personalized Puzzle

Activity: Make Your Own Puzzle

You will need:
–  Marker
–  Scissors
–  Paper or Cardboard

Thursday April 9th
Friends ROCK

Activity: Arts and Crafts

You will need:
–  Rocks
–  Paint or Markers
–  Optional: Glitter & Glue

Tuesday April 14th
Let’s Get Groovy

Activity: Dance Workout

You will need:
–  Open floor/space
–  Stress relief/relaxation

Thursday April 16th
It’s a Full House

Activity: Card Game

You will need:
–  A deck of cards

Tuesday April 21st
Golfing with TEE

Activity: Indoor Mini Golf

You will need:
–  Putter (or similar)
–  Tennis ball (or similar)

Thursday April 23rd
Relaxation Station

Activity: Stress Relief/Relaxation

You will need:
–  A yoga mat or towel
–  Open floor space

Tuesday April 28th
This is how we roll

Activity: Indoor Bowling

You will need:
–  Tennis ball (or similar)
–  Plastic cups (or similar)

Thursday April 30th
Fun in the Sun

Activity: Outdoor Activities

You will need:
–  Tennis ball
–  Shoes

Tuesday May 5th
STARS Boot Camp

Activity: Obstacle Course

You will need:
–  Random household items (ex. balls, baskets, sticks)

Thursday May 7th
Coordination Nation

Activity: Learn How to Juggle

You will need:
–  Plastic shopping bags
–  Balls or round fruit

Tuesday May 12th
Attitude of Gratitude

Activity: Gratitude Journal

You will need:
–  Pen/Pencil
–  Paper/Journal

Thursday May 14th
Remember When…

Activity: Make a Time Capsule

You will need:
–  Box or container
–  Sentimental items

Tuesday May 19th
Hop to it!

Activity: Jump Rope

You will need:
–  Jump Rope of thick string

Thursday May 21st
Chalk Walk

Activity: Sidewalk Chalk Art

You will need:
–  Chalk
–  Tape

Tuesday May 26th
In the Kitchen with Theresa

Activity: Making Cereal Snacks

You will need:
–  Cereal, Marshmallows, Butter
–  Optional: Chocolate Chips, Peanut Butter

Thursday May 28th
Indoor-phins Make Us Happy!

Activity: Adaptive Workout

You will need:
–  Light weight or similar (ex: water bottles, canned food)